This is a email forward from my father-n-law….thank you for taking care of his friend Andy and his daughter Coleen!

All our thanks to Katie and Stan for getting us to Dan Hendrickson / he’s a stud and got Colleen back on the road today – the repairs are about $2K but the time and her being car less for the remainder of summer session were the problem. Dan put the car back together mechanically and Safely for her to get back on the road today and wouldn’t charge me for it – unbelievable – Colleen will be having or delivering Lunch to all the employees this week!


Stan Baston

January 27, 2014

Dear Sirs:

My son Andrew brought his car, (2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser), to your shop for body repair following a very troubling situation/mishap on 175 while returning to Tallahassee for school.

Both Dan and Scott treated Andrew with professional, courteous service, and went "above and beyond" to reach a conclusion and price that made us very comfortable.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the way my son was treated by you two. It is very
refreshing to know that when parents are hundreds of miles away, that there is an honest, upstanding firm such as yours that believes in doing the right thing and in treating people well. In a world of "get whatever you can get- and don’t worry about anyone else", your customer service was stellar and it renews my faith that there are indeed good, fair and honest people that care about others.

So in closing, thank you very much for the wonderful treatment and customer service; and also thank you for a BEAUTIFUL repair job. The car looks perfect!!

Mark Moskowitz

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I just wanted to THANK you for helping me when my Toyota got into a little fender bender. Everything looks good as new and it was just amazing to finally find a body shop who actually performed the way they advertised. The repair was done on time and the people in the shop are just so friendly.”
Exceeded expectations! I have used other body shops in the past and could always see a difference in the newly painted area next to the factory painted areas (paint shade, spray pattern, etc.). The obvious repair work by others went against me when I went to trade-in for a new car. No so with my recent experience with Capital City Collision. Their painter is an artist! You cannot tell that my truck was ever damaged. The owner, Dan Hendrickson, was great to work with, beat his competition on price and did the job in just two days.
“By your side when you wreck your ride!” Scott and his staff go out of their way to restore your vehicle to a “like new” state. They work with your insurance company and are sensitive to out of pocket expense. Above all, they are true professionals!